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Adam McClellan

Adam started his training right here in the Lehigh Valley in the summer of 2006. Adam has extensive experience in teaching children in the Martial Arts, where he holds an Instructor Certification. With an expertise in developing the character of children, Adam uses his passion to inspire and develop others. Adam earned his A.D.A.P.T. Level 3 Parkour Coaching Certification in 2018. He also serves as Director for Parkour Generations Americas.

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Josh Nierer

At the age of sixteen years old, Josh started his training in the Spring of 2011 under the leadership of Coach Adam. The following year Coach Adam began providing classes for the next generation of Parkour coaches. Josh and a few others stepped up to the challenge and learned all they could about Parkour. Josh has had the privilege of training with some of the early pioneers of parkour such as Chau Belle, Yann Hnautra and Francois "Forrest" Mahop. Josh earned his A.D.A.P.T. Level 2 Parkour Coaching Certification in 2016. Josh currently instructs at the Lehigh Valley Parkour Academy.

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Austin Weiss

Austin began his training at Lehigh Valley Parkour in 2012. With a background in athletics, Austin applies his hard work ethic to his training  and continues to develop as a skilled athlete as well as a coach. Austin earned his A.D.A.P.T. Level 2 Parkour Coaching Certification in 2016.

Miguel Frame.jpg

Miguel Chero

Miguel began his training in the Lehigh Valley community as a young man. He was inspired by those around him, and decided to pursue the activity as a personal discipline, as well as a career. Miguel earned his A.D.A.P.T. Level 1 Certification in 2014 and is pursuing his Level 2 while coaching at Lehigh Valley Parkour Academy.

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Katie Esbenshade

Katie started her training in Lancaster in 2013. Since then she has earned her ADAPT Level 1 Coaching Certification, and she is working towards her Level 2. Katie has travelled around the world with her coaching, from workshops in Canada to the Women’s International Parkour Weekend in London. Katie brings a unique and special take from her experiences abroad to our very own classes.

Melissa Frame.jpg

Melissa Way

Melissa began her Parkour journey at Kutztown University, where she also achieved her degree in Art Education. Melissa completed her ADAPT Level 1 Coaching Certification and is pursuing her Level 2. Melissa has been a coach at the Women’s International Parkour Weekend in London, and regularly coaches locally in Pennsylvania. Melissa loves to bring her passion for art and movement together through parkour coaching.

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Dan Hoffman

Dan is a home-grown coach, who began his training right here in the Lehigh Valley community. Coach Dan completed his ADAPT Level 1 Course in May of 2018, and has been brought onto the team because of his passion and positive attitude. With a knack for coaching kids, and a love for games and learning, Coach Dan brings a joyful and uplifting spirit to the coaching team.